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Frequently Asked Questions What are Residency Requirements? The State of Nevada has a residency requirement for filing a Nevada divorce. For Nevada law go to NRS 125.020. If you are currently serving in the military and your military home state (state of record) is Nevada, you may file for an annulment or divorce in Nevada even if now residing in another state.  Otherwise, you must be a resident of Nevada for six weeks.  To prove your residency, someone else residing in Nevada for at least 6 months must sign an affidavit swearing that you have resided here for at least 6 consecutive weeks.  If your residency has been short- term or is otherwise questionable, the courts may require additional proof of residency.  We do not encourage, assist or participate in frauds upon the court related to questionable residency. What about other fees? Do I have to pay court costs?  Yes, you will still have court costs. We are a document preparation service. The fee we charge is to prepare your divorce paperwork and file all necessary documents with the court.  You will still have to pay a filing fee (court costs) when you file your papers with your local court.  Please call us for details. How long does the process take? An uncontested simple divorce usually takes from 1 to 3 weeks.  A complaint for divorce where one spouse won’t sign or can’t be located may take several weeks. What happens if I need to make a change in the divorce papers after I receive them? Our service includes unlimited revisions, up until your case is filed with the court.  We'll make the changes for free if you need to update your documents for any reason: because of a new agreement, you made a mistake on the questionnaire, or maybe your circumstances change before you're able to file the paperwork.  However, please note that we cannot make changes to the papers once they've actually been filed with the court. Can you advise me on specific legal questions? We're happy to answer any procedural questions about the filing process, but we cannot and will not answer any legal questions or give out legal advice.  If necessary we will refer you to an excellent attorney. Where is your office? 3838 Raymert Drive - Las Vegas, NV 89121
Back to Home Page Back to Home Page Back to Home Page * We maintain the highest standard of integrity, competency and professionalism at all times.   However, we are not attorneys therefore cannot dispense legal advice or represent you in court.
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